Welcome to Koala Skateboard Co.



Nothing skates like a Koala!



Koala is a remarkable skateboarding company that specializes in selling the very best skate decks, grip, apparel, and accessories. We refer to our line of merchandise as “premium” products because each and every item that we make or sell is a first-class, top-quality, best-of-the-best product.

There are hundreds of companies selling skateboarding products, and many charge inflated prices for mediocre merchandise— and some of them have been very successful while doing so. We realized early on that if Koala is going to compete with these bigger companies, there’s only one way in which we can do that successfully: by selling better products than most skateboarders are accustomed to having, while at the same time charging lower prices whenever we can.


On this website, you’ll have an opportunity to explore our products, as well as to order them. Rest assured that every one of our items is wonderful, from our decks to our beanies. We sell nothing unless it’s top-of-the-line, and that’s what’s going to keep you returning as a Koala customer.  If we can’t make something better, we simply don’t make it at all.