Koala skateboards are remarkably well-built decks, and they present an ideal balance of concave, pop, and responsiveness.
  • Product Info

    Our skateboards are premium decks, which means that they are of a higher quality than what you may be accustomed to skating.


    Koala decks are constructed of 7 layers of Canadian Maple (specifically, a wood species known as Acer Saccharum).  


    There are several different ways to glue the layers of wood together when making a skate deck, and Koala has chosen to go with a technique that’s uncommon because it’s time-consuming and expensive. Our decks are manufactured using a process called “cold pressing.” This takes far more time than the very common “hot pressing” method, but it does not subject the wood to high temperatures that ultimately weaken the wood fibers. Our decks are allowed to cure for 7 days before finishing, and the results are remarkable: a lighter, stronger skateboard than you’ve likely ever skated before.


    Koala decks have a perfect nose and tail, with just enough center concave.  Flatter spots beyond the outer truck holes provide a stable platform for nose and tail slides, and the smooth transitions make our boards genuinely steady for tricks.  Koala decks present an ideal balance of concave, pop, and responsiveness.


    Virtually everyone who has skated a Koala deck has commented on how comfortable and buttery it feels.  So, if you’re a skater looking for a deck that truly feels incredible to you— maybe even better than what you’re accustomed to skating— you owe it to yourself to skate one of our decks.


    Despite the fact that Koala decks are made of the finest materials, cold-pressed, and beautifully finished, our prices are still lower than other companies’ prices— and we genuinely believe that our decks are the best that you can buy— anywhere!