Koala griptape is ultra-strong, tremendously resistant to tearing, and easy to trim cleanly to perfection.
  • Product Info

    All griptape is not created equal. Some grip wears out quickly, leaving smooth or slippery spots in the worst possible places, some tears easily when you’re applying it, some is too sticky to handle (or worse, not sticky enough), and some is so prone to bubbling that even the best gripper can’t avoid problems.


    We designed Koala griptape to be different. It’s ultra-strong, and you’ll see and feel that the moment you pick up a sheet. It’s tremendously resistant to tearing, even when you mess up, and it’s easy to trim cleanly to perfection. Our griptape is loaded with tiny air holes so that bubbles are a thing of the past, and the adhesive backing will never peel off your board accidentally.


    Best of all, every sheet of Koala griptape features a die-cutout of the now-famous Koala face from our logo, and it’s scored so that you can easily remove the face and stick it onto something else (your helmet, your backpack, etc.) to let everyone know that you buy only the very best premium griptape on the market.


    Each sheet of Koala griptape measures 9 x 33.