Sticker Pack (of 8)

Sticker Pack (of 8)

Koala stickers are gorgeous, glossy, and come in a pack of 8.  Put them everywhere!
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    We've never found a skateboarder who doesn't love stickers, and Koala stickers will help you understand why!


    These are just the right size, and the backing is scored, so they can be peeled and applied in just seconds.  They stick beautifully, and are resistant to fading and to water damage, so they tend to stay looking good for awhile!


    If you're ready to bring your sticker-slapping game to a whole new level, Koala has you covered!  And remember— when you see (or place) a Koala sticker out in the wild, send a really good pic to our Instagram, and we may repost it and tag you!


    Each Koala sticker has a diameter of 3.5 inches.